alma - [ahl-mah] - noun

Old swedish name in feminine form. Meaning "kind", "fostering" or "nourishing".

alms - [ahmz] - noun

(in historical contexts) money or food given to poor people.

What is Alma Mono?

Alma Mono is a monospaced typeface. Monospace is where the letters and characters in the font each occupy the same amount of horizontal space. That means that the "i" has the same width as the "m". Like on the old typewriters.

Alma Mono is a regular font that you install like every other font. It should of course work in all your applications like for instance Microsoft Word, Keynote for Mac or maybe as default font in your favorite text editor or the terminal.

Alma Mono comes in five different weights and works as well as a heavy display type as in long format text.

Alma Mono is free to use on personal projects. If you want to use it for a commercial projet I recommend you buying it from Creative Market, You Work For Them or Fontspring. You can also download it at Envato Elements for commercial use.

What's the history behind Alma Mono?

Alma Mono started out as a pay-what-you-want typeface where all the proceeds went to charity.

After two years (2016-2018) and $3300 towards charity Alma Mono is now completely free to use in personal projects.

Why have you created Alma Mono?

Since the war in Syria started millions of people have been forced to leave their homes. Hundreds of thousands have crossed the Mediterranean in search for safety. Refugees on a dangerous travel from countries like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Sudan. Countries torn apart by war and destruction. Thousands of families run for their lives and takes huge risks crossing treacherous sea and barb wired fences. Many have no other choice but to climb aboard over crowded boats to give their children a chance for survival and safety. They do it because a dangeroues journey across a sea is safer then where they are right then.

I can only imagine the horror of these perilous journeys. And especially if you are doing it with your children.

So I searched for ways to help out in any way I could. At my place of work at that time we regularly had days where we could do whatever we want, we call it lab days. It's days meant for fun, education and good causes. I had a design project where I designed pins and stickers and sold them to friends and family with all the proceeds going to charity.

The sticker project started as a lab day. Alma Mono was a continuation of that. I wanted to learn more of the creation of typefaces and especially how I could interpolate between a light and a thick font to create even more weights. That's why Alma Mono is in five weights. I drew a light and a bold version, the rest is interpolated.

Who are you?

My name is Daniel Feldt, I live in Stockholm, Sweden with my wife and two kids. I've been working as a designer since 1999 and I design websites and mobile applications. I run my own design studio called Great Scott!.

Being surrounded by typography since then have made me curious on creating my own typefaces. I first started out with creating a typeface as a hobby while being on parental leave with my second child. Now I've done a few: Great Scott at Creative Market.

How does this charity thing work?

Update: Please note. Alma Mono is now free to use for personal projects. I've since Alma was created started my own business and the donation part of Alma Mono has ended due to tax- and bookeeping-reasons.

Alma Mono has raised:


to charities.

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